Finding Holiday Serenity in Twin Falls: Unwind with Flotation Therapy


The holiday season, while filled with joy, often brings a whirlwind of stress. In the middle of the business of the season, finding a space to unwind becomes essential. Flotation therapy offers just that—a haven where the pressures of holiday hustle dissolve, leaving you with a deep sense of calm and tranquility.


Unlocking the Power of R.E.S.T. in Flotation Therapy

Behind flotation therapy lies the philosophy of Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique (R.E.S.T.), centered around sensory deprivation. Picture yourself immersed in a float tub, buoyed by dense saltwater that cradles your body, creating a weightless experience. The water and air within the pod adjust to your body’s natural temperature, inducing an almost “out-of-body” sensation as you disconnect from gravity and external stimuli.

For an immersive experience, choose to turn off the lights, removing visual stimuli. With ears plugged and your body submerged underwater, external sounds also disappear. It’s an experience marked by no weight, no light, and no sound, creating a sense of calm.


Stress Relief in the Depths

Research highlights a significant decrease in cortisol levels post-float compared to pre-float, confirming that floatation therapy is a safe and effective way to navigate stress, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and depression. The sensory-deprived environment allows your mind and body to reset, offering relief from the holiday stresses.


Easing the Weight of Pain Through Flotation Therapy

Studies have displayed a significant decrease in both acute and chronic pain through floatation therapy. Magnesium in the float environment contributes to pain relief, providing a holistic approach to navigating increased stress-related tension during the holiday season.


Accelerated Athlete Recovery for Mind and Body

If you’re an athlete, you can try flotation therapy for dual benefits—recovery from stress-related injuries and enhanced mental clarity for competitive focus. The weightlessness and sensory deprivation create an environment conducive to physical and mental rejuvenation.


Tailored Experiences for Every Comfort Level

Float Magic in Twin Falls caters to various comfort levels, offering three distinct floating experiences:

The Blue Heart Pod is a complete R.E.S.T (sensory deprivation experience) for flotation therapy

  • Blue Heart Pod: Immerse yourself in a complete R.E.S.T. experience, featuring a sensory-deprived capsule that reduces outside noise. Float in total darkness or gaze at a starry night sky above you.

Shoshone Open Float is our ADA accessible float room that features an open, pool-like experience within a private room for flotation therapy

  • Shoshone Open Float (ADA): Enjoy an ADA accessible float room that offers a more open, pool-like experience within a private setting.

The Pillar Cabin Float room features an open, pool-like tub, behind a secondary wall from the rest of the room for flotation therapy

  • Pillar Cabin Float: Experience an open, pool-like tub in a room with a slightly more closed-off environment, providing a unique balance of openness and privacy.

This holiday season, gift yourself the serenity you deserve. Let holiday stress dissolve as you float through a space of calmness. Book your floatation therapy session at Twin Falls’ Float Magic and experience relaxation and improved well-being.

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