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It’s very seldom that an hour can feel like 15 minutes, but today time just floated by. I am stoked to go back and see what the next experience brings. VERY Clean facility, even though it is new, the people down there have an amazing attention to detail and care about everyone coming in the door as well as when you leave! Great job you guys!!!

Jake D.

Wow! Had an awesome float experience today. Environment was clean and well set up. Massage chairs were so relaxing. Angel was very helpful and accommodating. Recommend trying it out.

Eileen A.

Angel is such an amazing soul to have as part of your awesome team! This place is such a great addition to have in Twin Falls! It’s giving me a new outlook on life. Thank you so much for opening.

Melodi P.

The Float Magic experience is pivotal to a high-stress business owner like myself. It is truly a game changer! If you want to invest in your health, they can help so much. Floating is so relaxing, the massage chairs are very good and the novothor red light is such a scientific, beneficial treatment that I have begun exploring.

Jennifer M.

I absolutely love Float Magic! There are so many services they provide and they each has their place. The red light therapy bed has helped my knee pain immensely and I love sitting in the sauna. It’s just such a relaxing environment, perfect to de-stress and recover.

Tyrel W.

I needed a way to just get away from it all, and shut out the outside world for a while. A float at Float Magic fit the bill perfectly! Being able to completely relax (including your neck – your head floats!) was amazing! The facility is very nice. It feels like a spa, but a friendly spa, not a snobby spa. I highly recommend!

Lori M.

I highly recommend this! The experience is top notch. Beautiful spa environment. I feel like I spent the day near the ocean. Can’t wait to do it again. Massage chairs are heavenly.

Jennifer S.

First float and I am hooked! It’s difficult to come up with the right words to describe this experience. Weightless, calm, peaceful, quiet and completely relaxing. Allow yourself to experience this amazing gem of our TF. I can’t wait to go back!

Maureen S.

I started in a massage chair and then went into an open float. It took about ten minutes to completely relax, and it was awesome! The staff is very friendly and helpful. They do all they can to make you comfortable and relaxed. Thank you, Float Magic!

Laura M.
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