PMB Therapy & NovoTHOR

Healing at the Cellular Level

About the NovoTHOR Wholebody Light Pod

Experience what professional athletes and special forces use to recover and increase their performance. 

Try the only NovoTHOR light therapy bed in Idaho and the surrounding states!

NovoTHOR offers a drug-free approach to full-body pain relief, recovery, and improved performance. Utilizing photobiomodulation (PBM), light waves target the body’s cells and stimulate recovery, relaxation, growth, and repair. This innovative therapy has been shown to treat and prevent various conditions and diseases. 

In just 15 minutes, you can start the process of healing!


Treat the Whole System

When you injure your body or experience an illness, it affects the whole system. Novothor offers relief and support to the whole body, from head-to-toe, so that you can treat the problem at the source & not just the symptom.

Ditch the Pain Meds

Drugs are used to cover up pain and provide temporary relief. NovoTHOR treats the pain at the source by healing muscles and promoting regrowth. NovoTHOR users report significant decreases in both chronic and injury-related pain in the long term, allowing them to leave their drug dependence behind.

Recover Faster & Easier

Athletes and health enthusiasts alike are using NovoTHOR to recover more quickly from intense training and to improve their results. Studies have shown an increase in strength and endurance in athletes who utilize NovoTHOR versus those who don’t.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Difference Between Red Light Therapy & PMB?
The major difference between red light therapy and PMB (Photobiomodulation) is that PBM utilizes near-infrared light to penetrate deeper into the body to effectively treat muscles, bones, and even internal organs. Red Light falls between ~600-700nm on the light spectrum and is visible to the eye. It can be used as an effective treatment for some surface-level maladies, including bacteria-caused acne. Infrared Light (IR), however, falls between ~400-700nm and is not visible to the human eye. The smaller waves make it possible for IRL and near- IRL to penetrate deeper, stimulating the whole body and its systems more effectively.
Will I Need Eye Protection?
You will not need eye protection because red light and near-infrared light are actually good for your eyes. However, you can use eye protection or close your eyes if it increases your comfort and allows you to relax more.
What Will it Feel Like?
Many users report a sense of euphoria and deep relaxation while using the NovoTHOR light therapy beds. An increase in circulation can also provide a sense of warmth throughout the body. Although you might expect your body to feel hot, similar to the sensation of lying in a tanning bed, the bulbs within the NovoTHOR don’t actually become warm.
Do I Need to Be Clothed or Naked?
Remove as much clothing as you find comfortable. The more skin exposed will increase the effectiveness of your treatment.
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About the Handheld Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy

We’re currently treating sprains, strains, and some oral mucositis (inflammation of the mouth and gut caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatments) with great success.

During PBM Therapy, a handheld device applies red and near infra-red light over injuries or lesions to improve wound and soft tissue healing, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain.

This is similar to our NovoTHOR Whole Body Light Pod, but the handheld device makes it easier to target specific areas and offers an alternative to the pod!

Helps Treat:

Sprains & Muscles

Target sprains and injured muscles to relieve inflammation, swelling, spasms, and pain.

Mouth & Throat Conditions

Our handheld device can by focused into the mouth to improve wounds and lesions.

Arthritis Pain

Help relieve arthritic pain by targeting problem joints to get mobility back.

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Zachary KelseyZachary Kelsey
17:18 24 Mar 23
My wife and I tried float magic for the first time last week. I was a little apprehensive...not gonna lie. We... started off adding on the massage chairs before floating...which was totally worth it!!! Those chairs took me places no other chair has before!!! For being a virgin floater I felt pretty good about it. Takes a while to really relax and let the water do the work. Once I did it was amazing. I think a second round I will settle in a lot quicker and really feel the magic of Float Magic. This place is a must visit if you need to find some good relaxation!!! Excited to go try the salt room sometime!!!read more
Marley AntoneMarley Antone
20:03 22 Mar 23
This place is emaculate, beautiful, and impressive! We had the pleasure of only doing the infrared sauna but it... was beyond delightful. You sync to the Bluetooth and play whatever your heart desires. It was me and my bestie's first time there and we zenned out to Sade the entire 30 min and I'm telling you, we wished we would've booked the 60 min session. Its a soothing and tolerable dry heat and we felt so relaxed afterward. This infrared heat is supposed to detoxify your cells from inside out. We will definitely be back. The other services like the salt cave look incredible!read more
Jennifer CarawayJennifer Caraway
00:28 01 Feb 23
A wonderful spa experience! This was our first experience with Float Magic. Friends recommended and decided to... make relaxation part of my bday weekend. Massage chairs are a great and effective massage. We did the couple float. It was a unique experience that was relaxing and restorative while feeling very secure and private. Everyone was helpful and patient with out first timer questions. Hoping in the future the online scheduling tool is improved.read more
Kim MorganKim Morgan
05:28 28 Aug 22
For date night, my husband and I booked the Himalayan salt room at Float Magic. It was a new experience for us... which we enjoyed. The atmosphere was relaxing and we finished our session feeling very peaceful.read more
Aj WAj W
23:35 23 Aug 22
A spark of hope comes to Twin Falls! In more ways than one.A clean, beautiful, carefully architecture,... avant-garde, refreshing and rejuvenating spa experience!Twin Falls is a city that does not otherwise stand out as having a focus or priority on wellness, float Magic is changing the scales for this city and it is wonderful!read more
23:07 09 Feb 22
The best health Spa in Twin Falls! Staff is professional and caring. The facility is very clean with a tranquil... ambience. I highly recommend all of the services they provide. Services provided have helped me with my chronic back pain.read more
Cari ECari E
16:09 07 Feb 22
I've been in several times. This weekend I went in for a group party. The staff was amazing and had all our... services coordinated. We all had a blast and left feeling refreshed and relaxed!read more
Madison DahlquistMadison Dahlquist
16:58 30 Jan 22
This was my first time at Float Magic and I felt instantly welcomed; the staff is very personable! The Shoshone... Room was so calming and the experience exceeded my expectations. I left feeling very relaxed and energized, and any little aches I had were relieved. I was given a tour of the facility and it is beautiful. I've never experienced anything like this and will definitely visit again!read more
Bridget BaissBridget Baiss
01:14 18 Jan 22
My husband's and my visit to Float Magic was fulfilling and surprising. The center's services are exceptional, not... only for Twin Falls but the entire region and, we learned, most of the US. We live in the Washington DC area, frequent Northern California and New York City and have not found a facility as sophisticated in its offerings. The facility is new, immaculately clean, beautifully designed and staffed with a passionate, experienced, professional staff dedicated to helping and healing their clients. Remarkable business. Wish I could go more often then just when visiting family in Twin Falls every few months.read more
Roma GianninaRoma Giannina
16:17 07 Jan 22
Ultra clean one stop shop for self care. I could spend a week there with all the services and calm atmosphere.... It’s modern, but not sterile. Will become a member because it’s truly a wonderful place- a Disneyland for self care.read more
Colby PowersColby Powers
21:24 25 Jun 21
Injury relief! Highly recommended 5 star experience with both physical and mental benefits.I really messed up... my lower back 2 weeks ago and to gain some relief I made use of Float Magics' services.I went in for twice a week intervals with a combination of massage chair(meditative mode 20min), float(1hr) and finishing with the NovoThor bed for 15 minutes. Drastic improvement!! Which also further confirmed to me the importance of using these services as part of a regular health routine.The staff is very friendly and professional. The center is remarkably clean and has an extremely relaxing and comfortable setup. I’ve consistently floated in the past at different facilities for the mental and physical benefits and this center by far is the best I’ve been to with it's range of services and spa like environment. I immediately signed up for their membership, a steal for the value it brings.Thank you Float Magic, much appreciation for this center - an awesome addition to the Magic Valley and to Idaho as a whole!read more