The Art of Zen

The Art of Zen. By Float Magic.

The Art of Zen Zen gardens are increasing in popularity as our ever-engaged lives seem to get progressively busier. What is the draw to this simplistic form of art and being? In this article we explore the history and the elements that make Zen gardens an appealing addition to any home or business. The original […]

Taking the Plunge With Cold Immersion Therapy

Taking the Plunge at Float Magic

Cold Immersion Therapy, would one have ever thought they would be subjecting themselves to ice baths beyond their youth. Maybe it was jumping from the hot tub or sauna to the snow pile that was appealing. Daring each other to jump in the cold mountain creek on frosty mornings also comes to mind. What if […]

Where Float Tanks Came From

Hopping into a soundproof, light-proof box filled with saltwater may be a popular relaxation therapy today, but those just discovering it are likely asking themselves: “who came up with this strange device, and when were float tanks developed?” In order to answer those questions, we first have to ask “why did they want to make […]

Beyond Pharmaceuticals

Beyond Pharmaceuticals: Float Therapy Triages Veterans, First Responders By Brooke Davis U.S. Air Force Veteran ALEXANDRIA, Va. — When you put on the uniform, you put your country, your fellow citizens, and those you are charged with leading ahead of yourself. The eventual toll of this commitment comes due and the crushing weight of service […]

The Quest

In our busy, extremely connected lives we rarely get an opportunity to just…be. The gift of silence is highly underrated in our constant “on” society. That is why we are so excited to bring you the art of doing nothing! R.E.S.T., or Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy, is a therapy of disconnecting from the stimuli around […]