Shedding Light on PBM Red Light Therapy


It’s no secret that light impacts the body. Our circadian rhythms are affected by light and exposure to sunlight converts cholesterol to vitamin D. Our bodies are constantly needing and responding to light. In the world of modern wellness practices, light therapy has become a powerful tool for athletes to encourage healing and enhance performance. […]

What is Halotherapy and What are the Benefits?

Halotherapy Twin Falls

You’ve most likely experienced the benefits of “wet” salt therapy, whether you’ve gargled with saltwater when fighting a sore throat or used a saline solution. In dry salt therapy, salt is heated to remove any moisture, then added to a salt chamber. Halotherapy is a dry salt therapy known for its potential to offer holistic […]

Spring Wellness in Twin Falls with a Sauna & Cold Plunge

Sauna and Cold Plunge Twin Falls

The spring season marks a time of renewal—an invitation to embrace the energy of the upcoming months. As spring approaches, it’s the perfect time to explore the wellness benefits offered by sauna and cold plunge therapy. These two therapeutic experiences come together, offering an invigorating way to refresh both your body and mind in preparation […]

The Ultimate Guide to Flotation Therapy: Nurturing Mind and Body

Flotation Therapy Tank in Twin Falls

If you’re curious about flotation therapy, discover the healing benefits of Flotation Therapy at Float Magic in Twin Falls, your haven for tranquility and rejuvenation. Keep reading to learn more about how flotation therapy offers a calm space for your mind, body, and soul in a fast-paced world. Dive into the Depths: Understanding Flotation Therapy […]

The NovoTHOR Experience: A Tool for Athlete Recovery

NovoTHOR for Athlete Recovery

If you’re an athlete looking for a tool to support your wellness journey, you can experience pain relief from injuries, faster recovery, and enhanced performance with the NovoTHOR Whole Body Light experience. If you’re in Twin Falls, at Float Magic, we provide the only NovoTHOR light therapy bed in Idaho. Keep reading to learn about […]

Contrast Therapy: The Benefits of the Sauna and Cold Plunge

Sauna and Cold Plunge Twin Falls

Contrast therapy is a powerful wellness combination here at Float Magic in Twin Falls, where the soothing sauna experience is coupled with the invigorating cold plunge pool. Contrast therapy allows you to experience the benefits that each therapy has to offer. These benefits include stress relief, cardiovascular health, detoxification, a stronger immune system, and better […]

Infrared Saunas: An Effective Recovery Tool for Athletes

Infrared Sauna

If you’re an athlete in Twin Falls, recovery is an important part of your journey to peak performance. As you push yourself to achieve success as an athlete, taking time to rest and recover is just as important as time spent training. If you’re looking for an effective and lasting way to improve recovery, infrared […]

Why REST Should Be On Your Resolution List This Year!

Why REST should be on your resolution list this year. By Float Magic.

Why REST should be on your resolution list this year! In our ever on society it’s increasingly difficult to set time aside for stillness. Research is honing in on how to better tackle stress, anxiety and burnout depression disorders that are on the rise. Two years into a very confusing and polarizing pandemic and we […]

In Pursuit of a Sanctuary

Float Magic: In Pursuit of a Sanctuary. By Float Magic.

Float Magic: In Pursuit of a Sanctuary Many might drive by Float Magic and wonder what it’s all about. Is it a river guide business? Or possibly a kayak store? We’ve had individuals pull up with their sea dos hoping for some repair options. Once you step inside you sense, this is not your typical […]

Salty Solutions

How Can Halotherapy Benefit You

Salty Solutions: How Can Halotherapy Benefit You? The use of salt for health benefits is nothing new. Think Epsom salt baths, saline solutions, salt gargles for sore throats, teeth stains, bad breath; the list goes on and on. What about breathing salt? Can this have some great health benefits as well? Turns out, it absolutely […]