What is Halotherapy and What are the Benefits?

You’ve most likely experienced the benefits of “wet” salt therapy, whether you’ve gargled with saltwater when fighting a sore throat or used a saline solution. In dry salt therapy, salt is heated to remove any moisture, then added to a salt chamber. Halotherapy is a dry salt therapy known for its potential to offer holistic wellness benefits. This unique therapy involves inhaling Pure Grade Sodium Chloride (salt) particles. Inhaling the salt particles can cleanse the respiratory system and promote overall well-being. Let’s explore the various advantages and why it’s more than just a spa treatment.


Where Did Halotherapy Originate?

In 1843, a Polish physician named Feliks Boczkowski observed that compared to other miners, salt mine workers didn’t have respiratory issues or lung disease. About 100 years later, during WWII, Dr. Karl Hermann Spannagel observed his patients’ health improving after taking refuge in salt caves. The discovery of the benefits of salt therapy became known across Eastern Europe. Now, here in the United States, you’ll find wellness centers offering salt therapy. 


How Does Halotherapy Work?

Halotherapy Twin Falls

One way of experiencing halotherapy is in a room set at a cool temperature with a “salt cave.” A device called a halogenerator crushes salt into tiny particles and releases them into the air to be inhaled. According to Dr. Normal Edelman, Senior Scientific Advisor to the American Lung Association, “When fine salt particles are inhaled, they will fall on the airway linings and draw water into the airway, thinning the mucus and making it easier to raise, thus making people feel better. Also, these environments are allergen-free and thus good for people with allergies affecting their lungs.” This is why many people who incorporate salt rooms into their routine find relief from respiratory issues.

What are additional benefits of salt therapy?


Salt Therapy Strengthens the Respiratory and Immune System

As mentioned, one of the significant benefits of halotherapy is its positive impact on respiratory health. By breathing in salt-infused air, individuals with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues may find relief from congestion, inflammation, and discomfort. Breathing in salt-infused air can improve lung function and reduce inflammation, making it easier to breathe and potentially decreasing the frequency and severity of asthma attacks. A study published in the National Library of Medicine further supports this. The study showed that patients with respiratory conditions such as bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis had better respiratory health after a halotherapy treatment.

The antimicrobial properties of salt may also help reduce the risk of respiratory infections. Salt therapy can refresh the entire body by expanding lung capacity and increasing oxygen intake. In addition to supporting respiratory health, salt therapy also provides boosts the immune system, increasing the body’s defenses against respiratory infections and illnesses.


Halotherapy Offers Benefits for Your Skin

Skin Care

Halotherapy isn’t just beneficial for the respiratory system; it also offers advantages for the skin. The salt particles absorb bacteria on your skin, helping to balance pH levels, stimulate regeneration, and improve elasticity. This makes halotherapy helpful for those dealing with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, and dermatitis, providing soothing relief and promoting healing.

Halotherapy Offers Stress Relief

Research suggests that halotherapy may help reduce stress and improve mental well-being. The peaceful environment of a session, combined with the negative ions present in salt caves, can promote relaxation, lower heart rate, and reduce symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. This makes halotherapy a natural option for those seeking relaxation and mental rejuvenation.


Experience Halotherapy for Yourself

Whether you’re in need of relief from respiratory issues, skin conditions, stress, or simply wanting to improve your overall well-being, halotherapy is worth exploring. It’s a natural and non-invasive approach that offers benefits for your health and wellness journey. If you’re interested in halotherapy in Twin Falls, reach out to Float Magic today.


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