Spring Wellness in Twin Falls with a Sauna & Cold Plunge

The spring season marks a time of renewal—an invitation to embrace the energy of the upcoming months. As spring approaches, it’s the perfect time to explore the wellness benefits offered by sauna and cold plunge therapy. These two therapeutic experiences come together, offering an invigorating way to refresh both your body and mind in preparation for the season ahead. If you’re curious about how contrast therapy works, keep reading to learn about how combining the sauna and cold plunge can improve the health of your mind and body.

Experience the Sauna

Infrared Sauna

Sauna sessions support the health of both your body and mind. If you book a session at our sauna, you will experience the benefits of temperature extremes. The extreme temperature will trigger a positive stress response that activates antioxidant and cellular repair mechanisms—supporting not only recovery but also overall resilience.

As you step into our sauna, your body will experience an increase in heart rate and blood flow, which allow oxygen to flow efficiently throughout your body. As your blood pressure decreases while circulation increases,  your body experiences faster healing and long-term cardiovascular health. Improved circulation of oxygen and blood flow can also help you find relief from joint and muscle pain.

By sweating in our sauna, you will experience a natural detox process involving the skin—the body’s largest organ. This process utilizes the maximum surface area to release stored toxins, which helps strengthen your immune system. Elevate your well-being with our sauna’s holistic approach to stress adaptation, cardiovascular health, and detoxification.

Take a Refreshing Plunge in the Cold Plunge Pool

Sauna and Cold Plunge Twin Falls

Following the sauna session, experience a refreshing plunge into the cold plunge pool. This transition from extreme warmth to extreme coldness will trigger positive stress responses, building resilience and improving your overall sense of well-being.

The cold plunge is a type of therapy where people sit in significantly cold water for a few minutes.  As your body experiences the extreme temperature of the cold water plunge, this initiates a positive stress reaction. Many athletes use the cold plunge as a recovery tool. Brief exposure to these the cold temperature encourages antioxidant and cellular repair responses, which support recovery and overall resilience. The cold temperature also helps decrease inflammation by releasing endorphins. The coldness also increasing energy through the release of adrenaline, while also improving circulation in your system.

Contrast Therapy

Alternating between the extreme temperatures of the soothing sauna and brisk cold plunge is contrast therapy. Normally, people spend about 10-15 minutes in the sauna, then go through the cold plunge experience for a few minutes. After sitting in the cold plunge for a few minutes, people return to the sauna, going through this cycle multiple times for about an hour.

This unique approach to wellness supports stress adaptation, contributing to recovery and resilience. Going from the hot to cold temperature supports better blood flow and circulation, which is beneficial to your cardiovascular system. This decreases the risk of conditions such as high blood pressure. Contrast therapy also helps reduce muscle soreness and is used by athletes as a recovery tool from any exercise related injuries. Combining the sauna and cold plunge creates an experience that will strengthen your overall health and wellness in ways that surpass what each therapy offers alone.

Welcoming Spring with Wellness

As spring approaches, consider incorporating contrast therapy into your wellness journey. Discover the perfect balance, rejuvenation, and overall well-being that these two therapies can offer. Ready to support your wellness journey? Book your personalized session at Float Magic today.

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