In Pursuit of a Sanctuary

Float Magic: In Pursuit of a Sanctuary

Many might drive by Float Magic and wonder what it’s all about. Is it a river guide business? Or possibly a kayak store? We’ve had individuals pull up with their sea dos hoping for some repair options. Once you step inside you sense, this is not your typical repair shop!

The idea of a rest and relaxation wellness center was a long time coming. A scuba diving trip to Utila, Honduras was the serendipitous step that put me in touch with floatation therapy. The dive masters were raving about the effects these local “salt baths” were having on them. My husband and I attempted to check out these fascinating baths, but unfortunately our diving schedules and their open availability never aligned. The curiosity of what benefits could be obtained from “salt baths” sent me on a journey of study into the benefits of R.E.S.T., an acronym for restricted environmental stimulus therapy, better known as floatation therapy. As a nurse, my interests were keen on preventative medicine and how to stay well. Knowing that maintaining health is our best combat to disease and will ultimately lead to optimal longevity, I found myself researching nutrition, strength training and ways to recover. At pivotal points in my life, I’ve also experienced a fair number of trials that illuminated the anxiety gene many suffer from in my family. This, along with a deep compassion to help my community, turned my focus toward stress and anxiety disorders, particular PTSD and trauma. Floatation therapy fit perfectly into the recovery model of every aspect I was searching for and once discovering it, I knew it had to be shared with my village.

R.E.S.T. has been around for decades. Founded by neuroscientist and psychonaut, John C. Lily in the mid 1960’s, the practice was designed to study the edges of consciousness. Through many experiments and processes, we have arrived at what floatation therapy is today. The modern surge in popularity is a sign of our society’s overstressed, over stimulated state of existence and our desire to find a way to detach through stillness and tranquility.

Imagine being in a heavily dense solution made collectively of 1,200lbs of Epsom salts and 800lbs of water, with a temperature that is perfectly set to 94 degrees Fahrenheit, or otherwise external body temperature. This is why everyone floats, no matter the skill, you essentially have no choice. Now remove light and sound in your anti-gravity state and you have one of the most serene experiences on earth. The removal of stimulus is extremely beneficial for our Autonomic Nervous System and is responsible for the sense of serenity most feel after a float. The experience can be extended with the addition of our intense massage chairs, traditional or Infrared Sauna or a session in our NovoTHOR Wholebody Light Pod. Practitioners are also on site to deliver massage therapy, reiki, EMDR, healing energy psychotherapy, microcurrent neurofeedback and facial spa services such as facial cupping, hydrofacials and microdermabrasion. Our staff is duly equipped to create one incredible experience while customizing your needs and treatment options on your journey of well-being.

The Awe of Transformation

While searching for a building to house my dream I knew it needed to be a place with the right structure, great location and most importantly good energy. Many remembered the building as Koppels Browzeville, their favorite army surplus store, complete with a rocket out front. Whether they purchased their first backpack or first pocket knife there, many individuals have fond memories of the building located at 152 2nd Ave South in the old town district of Downtown Twin. This has all added to the serene atmosphere that is present inside of Float Magic. Transformation of the building is fitting as the services housed within are all transformative. The empty shell provided a template for my imaginative sanctum and skilled hands from around the valley brought it to life. This was a collective effort and the results are truly incredible. In all reality, it is a repair shop; for body, for mind, for soul. Once inside, it’s apparent you are within a sanctuary.

About Shawnee Powers

Shawnee has spent the majority of her life focusing on complete wellness and healing. Her nursing and healthcare background has been pivotal in understanding the mechanisms of health from a medical perspective and her own personal journey has brought her to develop her unique approach with the use of natural elements such as salt, water, heat, light and the faculties of our own body and intuition. Shawnee is a thought leader in her industry, her focus is on a future where every community has access to the combination of services Float Magic provides allowing access to beautiful facilities and impactful therapies that not only changes the individual, but the community as a whole.




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