Salty Solutions

Salty Solutions: How Can Halotherapy Benefit You?

The use of salt for health benefits is nothing new. Think Epsom salt baths, saline solutions, salt gargles for sore throats, teeth stains, bad breath; the list goes on and on. What about breathing salt? Can this have some great health benefits as well? Turns out, it absolutely does.

Halotherapy was discovered by a Polish physician in 1843 by the name of Felix Boczkowski. He observed that miners working in the salt mines of Wielickza tended to suffer fewer respiratory problems. With further study he concluded that this was due to the miners inhaling micro-sized particles of salt into their lungs. Through the chiseling, hammering, and breaking up of salt, these miners were the pioneers in how halotherapy is used today.

Halogenerators are used to break up salt and distribute it into the air. Many Salt Caves as they are more popularly referred to have both active and passive halotherapy benefits. With the use of Himalayan salt bricks on the walls and salt laid floors the atmosphere of a Salt Cave feels like one is inside a huge Himalayan Salt Lamp. The negative ions that are produced contribute to the calm atmosphere present there.

As one breathes in the dry salt, the particles act like a sponge to pick up and attract substances along the respiratory tract. It’s like a pipe cleaner that moves along the respiratory system, removing build up and reducing inflammation that can contribute to several respiratory conditions. This naturally contributes to a cleaner system that results in higher oxygen intake, improved immune response and an increase in energy. There are also anti-bacterial qualities to salt as it works to dissolve bacteria and pollutants along its path.  Mucus thins during this process, making it easier for movement through the lungs. Therefore one might cough often during a session, allowing for the body to expel these foreign particles.

The largest organ benefits greatly from a salt cave session. Halotherapy has been known to help alleviate psoriasis, eczema and other skin ailments. The salt that is not inhaled, falls onto the skin and is absorbed creating antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s recommended to expose parts of the skin that need addressing. Salt Caves tend to be a bit cooler for the humidity factor, blankets are often provided for this reason. Dressing in layers is a great way to take advantage of the benefits halotherapy can provide.

Wondering what to expect from a salt cave session? Most are 45-60 minutes in duration with the active halotherapy portion lasting about 30-40 minutes. Often music can be played through speakers or through your own devices such as ear pods or headphones. It is recommended that most electronics, jewelry and cell phones are left outside the salt cave since salt can be corrosive.

Stress, Anxiety and Fatigue can also see great benefits from the use of halotherapy. One may immediately feel a sense of serenity once they step into the dynamic design of local salt caves. The environment is safe for all ages as well as athletes and animals. To take advantage of all this therapy has to offer, look for a salt cave or halotherapy in your community.

About Shawnee Powers

Shawnee has spent the majority of her life focusing on complete wellness and healing. Her nursing and healthcare background has been pivotal in understanding the mechanisms of health from a medical perspective and her own personal journey has brought her to develop her unique approach with the use of natural elements such as salt, water, heat, light and the faculties of our own body and intuition. Shawnee is a thought leader in her industry, her focus is on a future where every community has access to the combination of services Float Magic provides allowing access to beautiful facilities and impactful therapies that not only changes the individual, but the community as a whole.



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