A Tool for Athlete Recovery: The NovoTHOR Whole Body Light Pod Experience


Experience pain relief, athlete recovery, and enhanced performance with the NovoTHOR Whole Body Light experience. At Float Magic, we provide the only NovoTHOR light therapy bed in Idaho and the surrounding states! Keep reading to learn about the science behind Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy, a tool that can be used for athlete recovery.

Photobiomodulation: The Science Behind NovoTHOR

When you experience an illness or injury, it can affect your whole body. NovoTHOR utilizes the power of photobiomodulation (PBM), where light waves target the body’s cells to stimulate recovery, relaxation, growth, and repair. In just 15 minutes, experience the start of a healing process that supports the entire body, treating the issue at its source, not just the symptom. This innovative therapy has been used to treat and prevent various conditions and diseases.

Benefits Beyond Pain Relief: Treating the Whole System

Unlike traditional pain medications that provide temporary relief, NovoTHOR addresses the root cause of pain by promoting muscle healing and regrowth. People who have gone through the NovoThor experience have felt significant decreases in both chronic and injury-related pain, allowing them to be less dependent on pain medications.

Recover Faster, Train Harder: The NovoTHOR Advantage for Athletes

Athletes are turning to NovoTHOR for quicker recovery from intense training, improved results, and increased strength and endurance. Scientific studies support these claims, showcasing the effectiveness of NovoTHOR in enhancing physical performance. Studies have also shown an increase in strength and endurance in athletes who utilize NovoTHOR versus those who don’t.

What to Expect

Many people experience deep relaxation while using the NovoTHOR light therapy beds. People also experience a sense of warmth due to an increase in circulation.  Although you might expect your body to feel warm, similar to the feeling of lying in a tanning bed, the bulbs within the NovoTHOR don’t actually become hot.

Ready to explore the transformative benefits of NovoTHOR? Book your session at Float Magic and discover an effective approach to pain relief, enhanced recovery, and improved performance as an athlete. Support your recovery journey with NovoTHOR’s innovative light therapy.

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