Infrared Saunas: An Effective Recovery Tool for Athletes

If you’re an athlete in Twin Falls, recovery is an important part of your journey to peak performance. As you push yourself to achieve success as an athlete, taking time to rest and recover is just as important as time spent training. If you’re looking for an effective and lasting way to improve recovery, infrared saunas are a great solution. The Infrared (IR) Sauna has both physical and mental benefits that surpass the typical sauna experience. 


How an Infrared Sauna Works

IR Sauna Twin Falls - Float Magic

Unlike traditional saunas that use radiant heat, IR saunas utilize infrared light that penetrates the skin, heating the body from within. According to Dr. Liam Murphy, a doctor at Melbourne Functional Medicine, “Infrared light is believed to penetrate the skin more deeply than heat generated by traditional saunas (1).” This provides a unique experience that induces a sweat session and triggers physiological responses designed to help your body recover. Infrared saunas are also usually set at lower temperatures compared to traditional saunas. Because of this, some people find that the heat within the IR sauna is easier to tolerate and feels less stuffy than the traditional sauna. 


Experience the Detoxification Benefits of the IR Sauna

IR saunas are effective for athlete recovery because of its ability to help detox your body. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and sweating uses the largest surface area available to detox. Sweating is your body’s natural way of getting rid of environmental toxins and post-workout buildup that can contribute to illness and disease. The muscle relaxation that occurs in an IR sauna experience also allows your body to reset, easing tension and soreness accumulated during intense training sessions.     


The IR Sauna Promotes Improved Blood Flow and Cardiovascular Health

Athlete Running - Cardiovascular Health

IR saunas promote improved blood flow to muscles and tissues due to their ability to dilate blood vessels. This not only improves detoxification but also enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients. Regular IR sauna use has also been linked to improvements in cardiovascular function, allowing your body to have increased endurance and performance. The decreased blood pressure and improved circulation will allow your body to recover faster and work more efficiently. 


Discover Wellness and Long-Term Health

Athlete Recovery

IR Saunas can help you not just on your recovery journey, but also support long-term health. If you’re an athlete, fighting inflammation and joint pain can be constant challenges. According to recent studies, the infrared heat from saunas can help you on your recovery journey, reducing inflammation by increasing circulation (2).


Using an IR Sauna Provide Mental Benefits

IR saunas provide a space for relaxation, stress reduction, and improved sleep quality. The mental benefits prevent your body from experiencing burnout, allowing you to experience your full potential as an athlete. A rested mind is a focused mind, which will allow you to make quick decisions as an athlete and perform better under pressure.


Enhance Your Wellness Journey

From detoxification to improved circulation and mental benefits, IR saunas can be a great tool when recovering as an athlete. If you’re a Twin Falls athlete seeking not just recovery but a way to enhance your wellness journey, consider reaching out to Float Magic and reserving a spot at our IR sauna




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